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viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

Philosopical Disertation - Pro Abortion

 By Ben Riley, 1º BACH A
Today is a special day for this blog because it's the first time we have the opportunity to read an entry in  a foreign language. I can see that Ben has chosen a very polemical subject, but this is an opportuniy to the people with different beliefs: an opportunity to argue and to improve our capacity of thinking. Because this blog lets any opinion... if it's respectful. I expect your comments, for or againts it. (In english better, if you want. Sorry, Ben: I'm sure that I have made a lot of mistakes in your native language. I'll let you to correct me, but just this once. I'm only joking).
Abortion, the removal of a  human embrion from the uterus resulting in death to said embrion. The majority of the arguments against this either come from "pro-life" groups or religous belifs, there are also many factors to consider at the moment of abortion, age, mental health, phisical health...
I am pro abortion seeing as if a person decides, even after being several weeks pegnant, that they do not want a child for any reason, they should not have it and therefore abort it. Many of the arguments against this are that the elimination of the embrion is the termination of a "human life". In my opinion at this stage the embrion can hardly be considerd a "human life" , it has not yet seen or know the outside world or lived life. This so called "human life" is just a series of cells in development completing a chemical reaction, therefore it is not the termination of human life, only the elimination of unwanted cells.
In conclusion, there is no real argument against abortion seeing as the majority of arguments are "pro-life" and are against the termination of human life, at this stage the embrion is only a cell and not yet a human and therefore can not be considered human life.

6 comentarios:

  1. Me parece muy bien eso de publicar también en inglés, pero tambien sé que seguramente muchos lo habran visto, y habrán pasado por no ponerse a traducir..

  2. Profesor Isidoro, ¿sabes hablar inglés?

  3. For the previous entry: you're very nosy, my friend. Don't be so nosy.

  4. Es verdad, está bien eso de publicar en inglés.

    Aunque pienso distinto a Ben. Hay que pensar que vale el embrion son solo células pero en pocas semanas originan un feto y eso ya es una vida humana así que abortar por que sí no me parece bien ya que hay otros procedimientos para no tener hijos sin necesidad de interrumpir ninguna vida ajena.

  5. Como lo puedes llamar una vida humana si todovia no ha vivido, incluso un feto sigue siendo un proceso quimico/biologico nada mas.

  6. ¿Y después de nacer, somos acaso algo más que un conjunto de células que interactúan químicamente? No veo claro en qué sentido puede ser esto un argumento para no considerar al embrión como una vida humana, sino más bien lo contrario.