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jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

El gobierno del Reino Unido quiere despedir a medio millón de funcionarios

By Markos, 1º BACH A

 Apeiron resumes the edition of entries in English, in order to improve in this language. Nowadays is very important to know how to speak in English, and Apeiron wants to contribute to this challenge. We're lucky because Marcos is helping us for that aim.

The government of The United Kingdom has decided to fire 500.000 civil servants, caused by the minister of Economy, George Osborne, that has presented the major structural deficit of Europe, this hasn't happened in decades. George Osborne declared that by 2015 they'd want to control public finances and reduce the debt, without damaging the department of health, education and international cooperation.

United Kingdom pay every day (cause of debts) 136 millions of Euros, and 46 thousand million in a year, and Osborne has estimated that in 4 years, more than 490.000 civil servants will have to quit their job.

In my opinion, this is the stupidest thing they could've done, ruining families that will hace to live with the money of unemployed that they get monthly by the government, by that payment isn't forever, so they have to do something with their lives because if not they will be in serious danger.

Some politics say that we are near to the end of the crisis, but we are still in the beginning...

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